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03 - 09 - 2012 - Geitenmelker blij met CoPulsation

Een veehouder in Australië is erg blij met de vooruitgang die hij geboekt heeft met CoPulsation:

'We've finally had some does kid and have started milking with your system. I'm extremely impressed...the cups no longer ride up as the udder starts to empty, and when we take the cups off the teats aren't swollen. The goats are also letting down while milking which makes the process much quicker (towards the end we've always had to physically hold the cups down to stop them riding up and rub the udder to get the letdown happening). Our goats are valuable show does...we've always taken the time to make the milking machine process as comfortable as we can for them which has meant it has been a very time consuming process...we've already noticed a freeing up of our time with co-pulsation...and when we take the cups off the teats actually look like they've been hand milked and not just come out of cups.

 It has been money very well spent on our behalf, thankyou, Anita and Andrew, Australia'


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