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Clean Hoofs are healthy Hoofs

With regard to the infectious claw diseases it is important to remove the infection ...

Many pathogens causing infectious diseases live in manure. They need dirt and moisture to live and multiply and do their dirty job. With the elimination of pollution, dirt, manure and other organic matter the basics to exist are lost for these guysIn management of dairy cows, this means (besides optimizing the ration):

  • Regularly cleaning of the walking surfaces (slats, concrete)
  • Optimizing the barn-climate, it should be clean and dry
  • Daily cleaning of the cows claws (compare to udders!)
  • Regularly disinfection of the cows claws



Try to make the comparison with mastitis / SCCcleaning cubicles, maintaining milking equipmentdipping teat etc. as a daily routine and there is still some mastitis and/or cellcount. The hoofs are in the dirt 24 / 7 so here is the same kind of routine needed!




The figure above shows that infectious diseases like Interdigital Dermatitis and Mortellaro are responsable for large costs. Claw and hoof problems are in third place behind mastitis and fertility when you talk about costOn average, the cost to € 53 per cow are appreciated! For a company with 100 dairy cows so that the annual cost of more than  5000!!


Dairy Solutions ClawWashing system cleans hoofs thoroughly. By 4 powerful Jets (2 from the front and 2 from the back) water (with- or without) disinfection is sprayed powerfull against the claws to clean them thoroughly. 

Our cleaning system  makes it possible to clean the claws from the front and the back, and also between the cleats! This will strongly reduce the presence of dirt, and therefore pathogens, lowering the infection level heavily.

The ClawWashing System is attached to water supply which will ensure the right water level inside the clean-water storage. At the same time the dirty water will be filtered out and dirt will be removed continuously.  The dosage pump will automatically add the chozen percentage of chemical. Daily usage with just plain water however will also give a very good base to start from. 


To make sure the disinfectant is homogeneously distributed in all solution the dosage pump adds the chozen % of product into the line supplying the bath. Therefore disinfectant is in the water spryed on the hoofs and also in the storage beneath the walking surface. Also the choice can be made not to add disinfection and just clean with water. Some logical thinking might also bring possibilities for re-using the flushing water from the milking parlour (with some residues) or just water with plain salt...


The ClawWashing System can be placed easily in the return alley of the milking parlour or -robot. Each cow will pass here a few times per day, assuring regular cleaning. In combination with milking Robots we are convinced this is the only available system which will minimize cows discomfort to bathing. Most cleaning systems do influence the cows robot-visiting frequence negative! Judge for yourself by looking at the video below, the cows are totaly comfortable with the system.


ClawWashing System in a nutshell:

  • Makes hoof bathing practical and an easy routine.
  • Super grip and walking comfort thanks to rubber walking surface. 
  • One wide bath provides relaxed and smooth cow traffic, and therefore less stress and manure.
  • Internal heavy duty  pump provides 4 powerful jets, both front ánd back penetrating the entire hoof.
  • Pump starts automatically when cows  approach.
  • Continuously filtering dirt, particles and dirty water, clean water is complemented automatically.
  • Solid en ‘transparant’ 416 stainless steel construction. Heavy duty design.
  • Easy to maintain, easy access to parts.
  • 3200mm long x 780 mm wide, fits into every return gate.
  • Comes complete with an adjustable dosage pump for disinfection product (range 0 - 10%).
  • Practical, cost-effective and heavy-use solution.    


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