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Absorb moisture, control bacteria




Dri-Li Extra

Dri-Li Extra helps control bacteria in bedding to promote a healthier, more comfortable animal environment. Ingredients in Dri Li Extra meet the requirements of the Biocidal Products Directive.

Dri Li Extra is a unique bedding conditioner. Based on calcified seaweed harvested off the coasts of Ireland and Iceland, it offers exceptional moisture absorption potential.


  • Promotes a healthier livestock environment by controlling bacteria populations in livestock bedding
  • Exceptional moisture absorbancy to keep livestock bedding drier for longer
  • Removes obnoxious odours
  • Natural product based on calcified seaweed
  • Non-irritant and non hazardous
  • Improved waste breakdown
  • Convenient and easy to use


Excellent Biocidal Activity

Independent laboratory tests have highlighted the effectiveness of Dri-Li Extra againstStrep. uberis, Staph. aureus and E. coli – three of the key dairy cow mastitis-causing bacteria. Ingredients in Dri-Li Extra meet the requirements of the Biocidal Products Directive.



Superior Moisture Absorption

Dri-Li Extra is a non irritant, natural product based on calcified seaweed. It is convenientto use and the honeycombed physical structure of the calcified seaweed creates anexceptionally large surface area for soaking up moisture.

Odour Control

Dri-Li Extra will help eliminate ammonia and control odours from livestock bedding.

  • Addition of Dri-Li Extra to slurry reduced ammonia by almost 95% in 2 hours
  • Immediately after the addition of Dri-Li Extra, unpleasant odours were eliminated.


Click here to download the Dri-Li Extra leaflet

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