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The use of milking gloves significantly contributes to udder hygiene!

If you have ever walked in a forest in boots with thick grooved soles, you know how much dirt attaches to such footwear on a rainy day. If we wear shoes with smooth soles, we return home with much less dirt.

Everyday work means that the skin of a farmer’s hand becomes rough and chapped. This provides an excellent place for microorganisms and bacteria to be carried on and on from cow to cow. The use of nitrile milking gloves limits the spread of bacteria, because they cannot attach to the surface of nitrile as easy as they can attach to natural rubbers or even skin. In many cases it is enough to only wear one glove on the active hand.


  • While wearing the gloves the sense of touch remains almost unchanged
  • Higher elasticity and durability compared to gloves made of latex or vinyl
  • No allergic reactions caused by natural rubber proteins
  • ands do not sweat intensely, even after permanent use

These gloves are also perfectly suited for working with oils, fats, and chemicals as well as working in the garden and in the field.

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