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Post Teat dip

Fast-acting 2-component disinfecting teat dip with barrier protection

Auxilium® Barrier is a 2-component disinfecting teat dip which also offers effective protection after dipping against external influences. This is made possible by a new, patent-pending, technology. The film dries quickly on the teats and forms a physical barrier against harmful bacteria from invading the udder. Various skin care components lead to a healthy and smooth teat skin. Auxilium is also available as the Superb Pre- and Post Teat dip without barrier, Auxilium Sprint.



ACTIVE AGENTS: Component 1 (base): sodium chlorite. Component 2 (activator): lactic acid. After mixing the two components, chlorine dioxide is produced. This biocidal product is registered under number N-27883, product type 3 (PT3).

Registered as a biocide - Auxilium® Barrier is a registered biocide in several countries.

Multiple care ingredients - Auxilium® Barrier contains glycerine, carbitol and Xanthan Gum and ensures a smooth and healthy teat skin. Thanks to the drip-free formula more teat disinfectant remains on the skin.

Thoroughly tested - Tests of the germ-killing activity (see table) have confirmed that Auxilium® Barrier is an effective teat disinfecting dip. Field tests have demonstrated very good effectiveness of care of the skin of the teat.

Fast-acting formula - Auxilium® Barrier can kill many millions of bacteria in a very short time. Even with a dilution (contamination) of 10% milk, the disinfectant solution remains 100% effective so that within 15 seconds 99.9% of the bacteria (see table) have been killed.

Exceptional barrier protection - Auxilium® Barrier forms a barrier around the teat opening and prevents harmful bacteria from entering after milking.

Quick-drying - Auxilium® Barrier dries quickly and attracts no foreign bodies.



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